What are free slots games? That is the million dollar question of the day. The answer, it turns out may surprise you somewhat. On the one hand, any slot machine game that doesn't require a deposit can be considered a free slots game. This includes demo-play slot machine games, and real money slot machine games played with no deposit bonuses. 

Table of Contents 

•    UNLV Research Attests to the Incredible Popularity of Slots Games 
•    How to Play Free Slots Games Online?
•    What Are Free Spins Slots Games? 
•    Other Ways to Get Free Spins with Slot Machine Games
•    Match Bonus + Free Spins Welcome Package 
•    Slots Winning Tips that Really Work 
•    Guaranteed Wins with Daily Jackpot Games

That's just the tip of the iceberg! As you are about to find out in this comprehensive never-before-written guide to free slots, there are plenty of tips and tricks we can show you to help you play free slots games online.

UNLV Research Attests to the Incredible Popularity of Slots Games 

Casinos are bubbling over with thousands of games, the majority of which are slots. Would you believe that an estimated 70% + of revenues generated at casinos in Nevada are directly attributed to slots games? 

According to UNLV (Center for Gaming Research), Nevada Gaming Win 2020 featured a total of 466 locations statewide in the year, with 99,021 slot machines, and 3,860 games. The total win amount from slots amounted to 5,416,294, with a handle of 78,610,943. The win percentage was 6.89%, down 31.74% from the previous year. 

For games, the total win amount was recorded at 2,457,020, with a handle of 19,091,064, for a win percentage of 12.87%. Of all the slot machine games available to players, the vast majority are penny slots. These number 40,875 units, with a win amount of 2,352,580, and a drop of 24,153,799. The win percentage on these penny slots was 9.74%. 

Other slots account for fewer units across the state, with 5 cent slot machines numbering 954, with a win percent of 5.23%, 25 cent slot machine games amounted to 3141 units and a win percent of 7.31%, and $1 slot machine games with 5015 units, featured a win percent of 6.60%. 

Multidenominational slot machine games are hugely popular too, with 47,536 units across the state, and a win percent of 5.43%.  What do all these numbers mean? For one thing, slots are incredibly popular casino games to play. 

Free slot games are highly desirable especially if you can win real money in the process.  We are going to show you exactly how can you avoid the queues, save your bankroll, and enjoy real money casino site slot games at no cost to yourself! 

Seems unbelievable? It’s time to start believing. Free slots games are a real thing as you’re about to find out.

How to Play Free Slots Games Online? 

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First things first. Pick a casino site offering online slots games.  This is important, since there are plenty of social gaming sites offering free slots games, with no opportunity for real money prizes. Here in New Jersey, 888casino fits the bill. 

Next, do you want to play demo games with no real money prizes? Or, do you want to play free slots with real money prizes up for grabs? Let’s take a look at both options, so that you get maximum value from your slots sessions.  

Option #1 Demo Play Games – Free Slots with No Winnings 

Pick a slot machine game and choose ‘Demo’ to get started. You'll have to confirm that you are of legal age to play online slots games at the casino. Simply click ‘Confirm’ if you are at least 21+ years of age.


Next up, you will see the slot machine game loading in Demo mode on your screen. You can toggle your bet size by clicking the +/- button on the bottom left, alongside the ‘Bet’ option. Once you're satisfied with your bet size, click the circular arrow spin button to get started. 


In this free slots game, we won $12 on the first spin, which boosted our faux bankroll balance accordingly. Be advised that any winnings you generate in demo play games are simply credits to play the game. You cannot cash out any of your winnings with this form of free slots games.


What Are Free Spins Slots Games? 

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Free spins occur once certain conditions have been met. As an example, consider the Asian-themed Fu Dao Le slot machine game. This game offers a ‘Free Games Bonus Feature’ when players land 3+ Scatter WONUS symbols. When this occurs, players will win 8 Free Games + 2X the total bet in prizes.

Free spins are often termed free games, and it's really the same thing. Free spins are readily available to players in demo play games as well as real money slots games. Obviously, the only way to cash in on free spins is real money slots. Every spin you receive is activated at the same bet value as the triggering round. 

If you're betting $2 per spin, the free spins rounds will play at the bet level that existed when the free games bonus feature was activated. While free bonus games are in play, wild symbols may assume greater importance, to help you form winning combinations. The number of free games you are awarded is entirely based on chance.

Other Ways to Get Free Spins with Slot Machine Games

Many online casinos nowadays provide incredible bonuses and promotional offers. One such offer is known as a no deposit bonus. Another type of welcome bonus package is a match bonus + free spins. Let's consider each of them in turn and weigh up the benefits for slot machine players.

At 888casino New Jersey, new players registering at the casino qualify for a $20 Free Bonus, No Deposit Needed. It's 100% legit. You simply register, and you will be gifted a $20 bonus which you can use to play online slot machine games with. Any spin can win you real money prizes. Of course, you must read the terms and conditions of every promotional offer you take.

This one – $20 Free Bonus No Deposit Needed – states that the bonus must be wagered 30 X within 60 days of being granted. If you use up $20, you must wager $600 ($20 x 30) before you can cash out any winnings. It's a win-win for players.

A word of advice: if you happen to win $10 playing with a free bonus, you may not want to complete the playthrough requirements by depositing up to $600 simply to cash out a bonus. Determine if it's worth your while to meet the playthrough requirements, based on the size of your winnings. Of course, a $1,000 payday is definitely worth wagering $600 for!

Match Bonus + Free Spins Welcome Package 

One of the most common welcome bonuses you will ever see is a Match Bonus + Free Spins Package. But what exactly is a Match Bonus + Free Spins? Let's break down into its core components. You deposit a minimum required amount to receive a matching bonus up to the casino’s specified amount. You may see something like 100% Match Bonus up to $100 + 20 Free Spins. 

The minimum deposit amount is typically $20, which means you would get a 100% match up to $20 to play with $40. The 20 free spins are typically issued at once, for use on general slots, or specific slots games. Once again, carefully read the terms and conditions of play to ensure that your free spins are applicable to the games you are playing.

Since this is a twofold bonus, you may have to meet the wagering requirements of the match bonus first, and then the free spins bonus second. Either way, you are benefiting from free cash to play slots with = free slots games. And, you get free spins to play slots with. The only difference between this promotional offer and others is that you have to make a deposit.

What are Dragon Link Slots?

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Before we get to that, you should know that Dragon Link slots are totally awesome. If you've ever watched Jurassic Park, or creature features, you will absolutely go gaga for these interactive, 3D slot machine games.

Dragon Link slots games are high limit jackpot slots that are readily available to players in Las Vegas casinos, Atlantic City casinos, and pretty much any other top-tier casino establishment. What makes Dragon Link slots great, is that you actually get to compete for huge paydays.

When you land free spins courtesy of free games in Dragon Link slots, that's when you see the jackpots raining down. The bonus games – free spins - make it enticing to play these Dragon Link slots games. Be advised that bankroll management is sacrosanct with all forms of online slots games.

Slots Winning Tips that Really Work 

Everyone wants to know what slots tips actually work. It may sound disingenuous that you are reading this article at 888casino New Jersey, and we are giving you actual winning advice. Truth be told, most players don't implement slots winning tips, so for those of you who have made it this far, you deserve a lucky break!

Try and keep these slots winning tips to yourself. That way, you can benefit, and the casinos won't change the rules to make it impossible for you to win slots games. Ready to see what casinos don't want you to know? It's kind of like the masked magician who revealed the secrets of the magic trade, only to be ostracized from the community… 

•    Always compare online casino bonus offers. The ones you want include no deposit bonuses, free spins, match deposits, or match bonuses + free spins. These promotional offers are designed to allow you to play real money slots using the online casino’s money – not your own. If you play it right, you can walk away a winner, even if you have to meet wagering requirements.

•    Always practice games in demo mode before using your free spins. The outcomes of slot machine games are completely random. You don't need to guess what types of games you want to play with your hard-earned cash. With a limited budget, your best bet is to simply register and play demo games. 

Or, if the option presents – simply play demo without registering. Once you are 100% certain that this is the slot machine game you want to play, use the free spin bonus, or your match bonus.

•    Always check the RTP of the slot machine game you’re going to play. Would you believe that most players don’t take the time to check out the RTP (return to player) percentage of slots games. You may be wondering why this even matters. For starters, the lower the RTP, the greater the house edge. You always want to give yourself the best winning chance when playing slot machine games online. 

•    Always play maximum lines at the highest possible bets that you can afford. Read that again. We’re not telling you to play maximum bets if you can’t afford it. However, the last thing you want is a slots player who hits the right combinations, only to learn that he/she didn’t land the maximum payout because not all the paylines were activated, or wins at the highest bet level weren’t recorded. This often happens in video poker games too.

•    Always stick with a licensed online casino.  This one applies to all casino games. Imagine your displeasure to learn that you’ve won a jackpot, and the online casino makes all sorts of excuses about why you cannot get paid out. Stick with licensed online casinos that are accountable to state-sanctioned authorities. That way, you are assured of payouts.

The highest slot machine game RTPs are usually non-progressive jackpot games, or games that don't have bonus rounds in play. Whenever you see a slot game with bonus rounds (free spins), or progressive jackpots, the RTPs are going to be lower. 

That doesn't mean you shouldn't play these games. On the contrary, the jackpots are huge, but the frequency of hitting a jackpot is diminished. You could opt for lower jackpots with higher frequency of payouts. It's all a matter of personal preference.

We better not say any more, because we are going to be in hot water as it is for sharing these winning slots tips with you. 

Guaranteed Wins with Daily Jackpot Games

 Whenever you see the words ‘Guaranteed Jackpots’, you're probably a little skeptical. But this time, it's actually true. There are games known as 888 Daily Jackpot Games, found under the Jackpots category right here at 888casino New Jersey. What makes these games extra special is that they pay out every single day before the clock runs out.

While the balances change from day to day, the jackpots pay out on schedule every day. Player frustration at progressive jackpot games – when are they going to pay out? – invariably led to the creation of Daily Jackpots. This ingenious type of slot game is attracting players like bees to honey.

Many of the Daily Jackpots games are wildly entertaining and enjoyed by players at one casino, or multiple casinos across a network of software providers. You may notice that the jackpot is the same across multiple slots games. That's because they're part of the same series of jackpot games. True, the payouts are much smaller than progressive jackpot slots, which can run into millions of dollars.

When you win a daily jackpot – and multiple players can – the jackpot will be shared among winners. Watch the time, there is a countdown timer on the daily jackpot game. When the clock runs out, the jackpot will pay.

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