In medieval times, dragons reigned supreme. These mystical creatures ruled the skies and dominated the mountaintops where they nested, guarding precious treasures as far as the eye could see. Fire-breathing dragons are regarded as the ultimate beasts of nature; fearsome, proud, and implacably powerful. It is said that only poisoned livestock, or weapons of mass destruction were capable of subduing these monstrous creatures. Many brave warriors toiled alongside fools in their quest to bring these powerful beasts to their knees. But alas, many battle-hardened soldiers have fallen by the wayside, in this deadly pursuit. 

Dragon Link is an Expertly Crafted Slot for the Gaming Connoisseur

No mere mortal can confront the majestic dragon and live to tell the tale without a detail-oriented strategy that has been planned to perfection. We are about to go where no modern-day mortal has dared to tread – into the heart of the Dragon's Lair. As a fitting tribute to these imperious creatures, Aristocratic gaming has expertly crafted an Asian-themed series of slot machine games with rich audio-visual elements and mega-money bonus games to boot. Without further ado, let's fire things up with the hottest games to hit the scene in recent years – Dragon Link slot!

Features of Dragon Link Slot by Aristocratic Gaming

With Dragon Links slot, Aristocratic has carefully crafted a happy medium. What’s great about Dragon Link slot is that it’s not a single game – it’s a series of games. There are multiple Dragon Link slots games, including the following: 

  • Dragon Link Silk Road  
  • Dragon Link Panda Magic 
  • Dragon Link Golden Gong
  • Dragon Link Genghis Khan
  • Dragon Link Autumn Moon
  • Dragon Link Spring Festival
  • Dragon Link Golden Century
  • Dragon Link Peacock Princess
  • Dragon Link Peace & Long Life
  • Dragon Link Happy & Prosperous

Each of these slot machine games comes in different wagering amounts. The specific wagering values vary from one game to the next, with $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $1, and $2 betting amounts. With so much variation available to players, Dragon Link slots are ideal for casual players and high rollers alike. In the land down under (Australia), Dragon Link slots are developed in tandem with HRG Studios – the creators of the universally popular Lightning Link functionality. Other popular in-game features include: ‘Cash on Reels,’ ‘Hold ‘N’ Spin elements,’ ‘Scalable Bonuses,’ and a max payday of 250X bet on Scatter symbols. Free Games are readily available to players on these Dragon Link series of slots games with BIG reel elements in play.

Rules of Play for Dragon Link Slot Game

Given the formidable selection of Dragon Links slots games, players are advised to check each individual game for specifics. Generally, these Asian-themed slots games feature similar in-game mechanics. For starters, these are all progressive jackpot games. They are linked to the same network, meaning that all players on the Dragon Link series of slots have a shot at winning a Grand Payday. Players can expect much bigger rewards on these entertaining games than on traditional stand-alone slots. One of the most popular features of the games is the ‘Hold & Spin’ element which rewards players with a king’s ransom in prizes.

The Wild Symbols can substitute for other symbols to form winning combinations, with the exception of the Scatter Symbols. Hold & Spin Scatter Symbols are unique in that combinations of them can reward players with jackpots (Mini, Minor, or Major Jackpots), or prizes. It should be noted that these Scatter elements (Hold & Spin) only pay while the Hold & Spins feature is active. Like other interactive slot machine games, players also have an opportunity to win Free Games. The precise combinations of symbols required to trigger this feature may vary from one Dragon Links slot game to the next, but typically 3+ symbols activate the Free Games feature.

Dubbed one of the best elements in slot machines today, the ‘Hold & Spin’ feature is truly magical. When players land at least 6+ of the required symbols in the game, the Dragon Link feature will be activated. This fires up the entire screen in a frenzy of glittering golden pyrotechnics. The bonus is initiated with 3 spins, and when these symbols stick, additional spins will be activated. The 5 x 3 reel grid format can completely fill up with golden symbols, representing the maximum payday – the Grand Jackpot. Players should note that this captivating slot machine game features 2x Set Prize Jackpot Paydays as well as 2x Wide-Area Progressive Jackpot Paydays.

These are the jackpot prizes:

  • Set prize jackpot paydays include the Mini and the Minor Jackpots
  • Wide area progressive jackpots include the Grand Jackpot and the Major Jackpot

With wide-area progressive jackpot prizes, a percentage of every real-money bet goes towards the jackpot prize pool. Of course, when players compete for the Wide Area Progressive Jackpots a.k.a. the Grand Jackpot and the Major Jackpot, a bet minimum is required. This will be posted on site, wherever Dragon Link slot machine games are available. As with all other progressive jackpot games, the size of the potential payout is dependent upon the bet that is placed. The bigger you bet, the more you stand to win.

What Does it Take to Win Dragon Link Slot Jackpots?

The short and sweet answer is simple: Luck! However, there is always a lot more to winning than blind luck. Players need to pick the right games with the right RTPs (Return to Player Percentages), with the right bets, at the right time to make it work. It is worth pointing out that all slot machine game outcomes are 100% independent. The previous spin does not matter, and the next spin certainly cannot be predicted with any degree of accuracy whatsoever. Sophisticated in-game mechanics with algorithmic programs designed to randomize outcomes guarantee the transparency and fairness of every spin. Of course, the rules of the game are sacrosanct. If players are competing for the progressive jackpot prize, it is essential to meet the minimum betting requirements.

As a case in point, consider Dragon Link Slots Golden Century™. This slot machine game features a 5 x 3 reel grid format with 25 paylines in play. This Asian-themed masterpiece of slots entertainment is peppered with oriental symbols, including statues, geishas, treasure chests, royal symbols, and gold aplenty. The musical score and in-game mechanics perfectly complement the action with Ming dynasty vases, golden suns, and a smorgasbord of engaging elements designed to captivate your attention on every spin. Just recently, Boyd Gaming reported several major jackpot wins of $10,000 + in Southern Nevada. A lucky player at Cannery Casino Hotel scooped up a $10,500 jackpot payday while playing Dragon Link: Golden Century on June 7, 2020.

What Happens When All the Golden Balls Illuminate in 15 Dragon Link Squares?

Recall the ‘Free Spins’ element of Dragon Link slot machine games? Since this is a 5 x 3 reel grid format, the magic kicks in when each of those 15 squares fills with a golden ball. A myth was recently busted by a writer named Joshua who scoured YouTube videos in search of the truth. Unfortunately, filling each of the 15 squares with golden balls does not guarantee the Grand Jackpot Payday. However, players will have a shot at winning when this occurs. The ‘Hold & Spin’ elements with the Dragon Link ‘Lightning Link’ series of games is truly unique to the slots arena. It comes into play when players land 6 balls. Next, players are gifted 3 additional spins to try and achieve another ball. This process continues unabated until players stop receiving an extra ball. 3 extra spins are granted at the reset, and each of these balls has a specific value assigned to it.

Recall that there are 4 jackpots in the Dragon Link series of slots games, including the Mini, Minor, Major and Grand Progressive Jackpot. So, while it's certainly heartening to see all 15 spaces about to be filled with golden balls, this doesn't necessarily indicate that you will win the Grand progressive jackpot. There are other jackpots to be won. These jackpots include the fixed-amount jackpots - the Mini Jackpot and the Minor Jackpot. The wide-era progressive jackpots are the Major Jackpot, and the Grand Progressive Jackpot. It is extremely rare for all 15 squares to land a golden ball, but if just 1 space is bereft of a golden ball, you will not be able to win the grand progressive jackpot. 

The jackpots in the slot machine games are prominently displayed beneath the title, emblazoned in a gold fiery border, with red bold text. With every new bet that is placed, players will notice the size of the jackpot steadily rising. Multimedia-rich functionality ensures that these innovative video slots truly dazzle the senses. With a pantheon of titles available, the entertainment never stops with Dragon Link slots.

Tactical Tips and Playing Strategies to Win Dragon Link Slots Games 

Players are encouraged to bet the maximum number of lines for the best chance of winning. It stands to reason that the fewer lines you play, the less chance you have of winning the jackpot. With Dragon link slot games, different reels are loaded when you change your coin denominations. This is an important point to bear in mind. It's different when you're playing a $0.01 Dragon link game with 50 paylines, compared to when you're playing $1 or $2 Dragon Link slot machine games with fewer paylines. When the base game doesn't offer substantial winnings, the designers have to compensate by offering bigger potential winnings with the bonus rounds. That's precisely what happens with the Dragon link slots series. As a rule, you can expect the RTP – The Return to PlayerPercentage – to be higher on higher denomination slot games with more paylines in play.

Now that you've got the scoop on Dragon links lots, check out the fantastic selection of Video Slots, Progressive Jackpot slots, and Daily Jackpot slots games at 888 online casino NJ!