With a progressive betting system, players allow the results of one bet to determine how much they will be placing on the next bet. Whether you're playing progressive blackjack, progressive roulette, or progressive sports betting, the rationale is the same; your future bet depends on the performance of your past bet.

There are 2 unique approaches to progressive betting including positive and negative progressive betting. With positive progressive betting, you increase the size of your bets when you're winning and you decrease the size of your bets when you're losing. This progressive betting system makes a lot of sense to players who use it. However, it does nothing to guarantee the outcomes of your bets. 

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In roulette, many different betting systems abound. These include the Martingale progressive system, The Paroli System, 1-3-2-6 Betting System, Contra d’Alambert, Reverse Labouchere, James Bond, d’Alambert, and Fibonacci.

Each of these systems is unique, although none of them provides any definitive edge to the player. These betting systems represent different techniques for placing bets, based solely on the outcomes of your previous roulette results and/or a set betting sequence.

If you use a positive progressive betting system on a game of blackjack, you would bet bigger amounts while you're winning and bet smaller amounts after successive losses. In much the same way, you can use a positive progressive betting system on roulette and make bigger bets while you're winning and smaller bets while you're losing. The thinking is that you are benefiting from your good fortune, or minimizing your misfortune via the progressive betting system.

The alternative is negative progressive betting. This system also relies on your current performance. If you are losing, the negative progressive betting system mandates that you increase your bets to recover your losses. When you're winning, the thinking behind this system is that you don't want to risk too much in case your hot streak runs out, so you reduce the size of your bets to preserve your profits. 

Unfortunately for players across-the-board, neither of these systems makes much sense since they cannot increase your odds of winning, or guarantee favourable outcomes for you. The positive and negative progressive betting systems are only focused on the size of your bet, not on your strategies, not on the game, and not on the circumstances. 

Martingale is probably one of the most popular negative progressive systems. This roulette strategy states you place the same-value bets until you win. When you win, you double the size of your bet on the next spin. If you lose, you keep doubling the size of your bet.

With the Martingale system, you will have to watch the size of your bets, the table minimums and maximums, and your bankroll. It's a failed system with flawed logic, but it's fun to use.


Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games. It's a simple game to learn, and a challenging game to master. With blackjack, your objective is to beat the dealer's hand total without exceeding 21. Blackjack is any 2-card total valued at 21 which pays at 3:2, or 6:5.

That means an Ace and a 10-value card must be included in the mix. A hand told that equals 21 but contains more than 2 cards is simply a winning hand and pays at even money. You can double, hit, stand, split, and take insurance blackjack if the dealer’s up card is an Ace. 


Perhaps you’re up against the dealer and you win the hand with a 9 + Ace (20), and the dealer is holding Jack + 7 (17). With a positive progressive betting system, you would increase your bet after this win, and continue increasing your bet as your hot streak continues.

It's worth pointing out that you're not simply continuing to play at the same bet level; you are actually risking more on every additional bet that is placed. Now, you can also adopt a negative progressive betting system with blackjack where you will decrease your bet size after winning and increase your bet size after losing.

Once again, a progressive betting system will not guarantee winnings at all. The best that you can hope for is that your hot streak will continue with a progressive betting system, and you'll make a lot of money in the process.

But that's hardly a strategy to bank on – it's lady luck and nothing else. The house edge remains fixed, no matter how much you bet in blackjack. The long-term RTP in blackjack is around 98%, which means that the house edge is around 2% or less, depending on the player’s proficiency level. Some blackjack players swear by positive progressive betting systems, while most experts summarily dismiss them.


Blackjack betting strategies are not guaranteed since players are dealing with imperfect information at all times. Any progressive betting strategy should be accompanied by a blackjack playing strategy for maximum effectiveness. Blackjack odds calculators, strategy charts, and card counting techniques are effective in certain situations.

For example, if you're playing a home game of blackjack with a single deck of cards, your probability of success with a polished card counting system is much higher. If you're playing blackjack with 6/8 decks of cards, it will be much more difficult to implement a winning strategy based on card counting.

In online blackjack, the effect of card counting is negligible since the only cards you see are those dealt to the dealer and yourself. With so many decks in play, no discernible advantage is possible.

Of course, it pays to learn the rules of blackjack to ensure that you know when to hit, when to stand, when to take insurance, when to double, and when to split your cards. With blackjack, the focus should always be on the best blackjack strategy, not the blackjack progressive betting strategy.

Once you have fine-tuned your approach to the game, it is a simple matter of preference whether you wish to pick a positive progressive strategy or a negative progressive strategy.

Examples of blackjack progressive strategies include Oscars blackjack betting strategy and Martingale 1-3-2-6. Let's assume a standard bet size of $10. The latter strategy states that if you win 4 bets in a row, the size of your bets would be $10, $30, $20, and $60.

By contrast, if you lose, all of your bet sizes would be $10 each with a positive progressive blackjack strategy. If on the other hand you win your first 3 bets, your fourth bet will be $10. The losing bet automatically triggers the default $10 bet size.

The format of this progressive betting system is simple enough to understand; you are managing your bankroll to ensure that you don't get a rush of blood to the head and bet everything on the next hand. It is a measured approach to blackjack play.


Your bankroll size determines the size of individual bets in sports betting. The more winning bets you generate, the higher the betting amounts in each successive sport bet. When you're winning with a progressive sports betting system, you increase the size of subsequent bets. When you're losing under the same system, you decrease the size of subsequent bets. 

With negative progressive sports betting systems, you would increase your bet size when you are losing and decrease your bet size when you're winning. The precise amount of money that you should allocate to each sports bet depends on several factors, such as your knowledge of sports betting and your bankroll. As a rule, you should try to limit your bet size to 2% – 5% of your available bankroll – no more.


Gamblers love to think that there is some tincture to keep on winning, and a panacea to prevent losses. Unless you have the ability to forecast the future through divine means, progressive systems are a farce. At best, they provide a structured way to bet when you're winning or losing depending on your bankroll and your tolerance for risk.

These betting systems do nothing to increase your winning chances, to change the house edge, or to make you a better player. It's best to focus on the rules of play, tactics and strategies first, then adopt a creative betting system to match your playing preferences.