For those who love the glitz and glamor of Atlantic City and Las Vegas, there is something uniquely special about the life of a casino croupier. Otherwise known as casino dealers, these professionals add a certain ‘joie de vivre’ to the casino tables, high roller rooms, and ambience of these regal establishments.

Casino dealers are the embodiment of the allure of high-stakes gameplay, exemplifying the pomp and flair of the casino in grandiose fashion. They get to command the action from their gaming pulpit, watching eager revelers lay down top dollar on the tables as they attempt to beat the odds. Casino dealers epitomize the mood of the moment, with their engaging chitchat, charming theatrics, and absolute control over the action. 

It truly is a delight to behold. This challenging job is laden with perks, not least of which is the opportunity to experience edge-of-your-seat entertainment on every draw, and every spin. Casino dealers are right there when the tables erupt in excitement and players collect monster-sized paydays.

They get to share in the collective spoils of victory, often receiving handsome tips for lucky deals and fortuitous spins. For many folks, the life of a casino dealer is the stuff of dreams. Get ready to go behind-the-scenes with 888casino dealers and gambling aficionados.

If you’re made of the right stuff, and you've got your eyes on the prize – becoming a casino dealer might just be right for you. We're going to take you into the thick of it where casino dealers are made. This is more than a vocation; it's a way of life, and it can be lucrative provided you follow the money!

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If you love the gambling world and you understand the inherent risks of this pastime, you may just be the right candidate for a casino dealer role. Casino dealers come from all walks of life, including men, women, transgenders, and pretty much any other classification of human beings you can think of. The universal appeal of this vocation is centered in the excitement generated with casino games.

The undeniable appeal of a craps table, 4-people deep all around, or a Roulette table in peak hour, is unparalleled. Within this adrenaline-infused ensemble of glorious entertainment is the Shepherd of the Show and the Taker of Bets – the casino dealer. Dealers can single-handedly ramp up the action by dint of their personality, reeling in players by the truckload, and creating an environment conducive to fun-filled gameplay.

This brings us to our first point in becoming a casino dealer: The Right Attitude. Needless to say, not everyone qualifies for the job. Casino dealers interact with people all day long, it's their job. An A+ personality and a desire to learn the rules of play and become adept at them is all that's required to succeed as a casino dealer.

But before you get there, most casinos require candidates to hold a GED, or a high school diploma. At minimum, candidates must display a basic proficiency in English reading and writing, arithmetic, and an enthusiasm for this exciting vocation.

If you're not getting on-the-job training at a prestigious casino like the MGM Grand, Caesars Casino, New York New York, or The Cosmopolitan, you've likely racked up the requisite experience at a tribal casino, a hotspot on The Strip, or the iconic Atlantic City boardwalk. A basic understanding of English, superb hand/eye coordination, an ability to deal with chips and money in Blackjack, Roulette, or Baccarat, and an appropriate disposition to perform exceedingly well under pressure will always serve you well. 

Glassdoor lists scores of Casino Dealer jobs across the country. The minimum requirements may well vary from one position to the next, but most all of them require players to display impeccable conduct, trustworthiness, adaptability, accuracy, pleasantness, and procedural compliance.

Beyond the obvious, there are less attractive requirements when applying to become a casino dealer. Dealers must be able to stand for long periods of time, typically 75% of their shift, and must be able to bend over from the waist down 15% of the time to retrieve chips, cash, cards, and similar objects needed for the gambling games. 10% of your time is dedicated to being able to ambulate throughout the casino. 

Anyone who has ever visited one of these bastions of entertainment understands all too well the expanse of territory that must be covered to get from the Blackjack tables to the Roulette tables, from the Baccarat tables to the Three Card Poker tables, et al.

For all of these reasons, it's imperative to carefully assess your suitability for the role of casino dealer before applying. On a regulatory front, casino dealers are typically required to comply with internal controls at the casino, the IRS Bank Secrecy Act, and a smorgasbord of policies and procedures that truly baffle the mind.


casino dealer tips

Now that you’re fully cognizant of precisely what it is that you will be doing at the casino, it's important to ascertain your suitability for the role of casino dealer. Close your eyes for just a second and picture the casino scene.

Do you hear the jingling-jangling sound of slots machines off in the distance? Can you feel the plush carpeting beneath your feet? What about the hustle and bustle of casino waitresses carting around drinks on trays for eager revelers?

Now, inhale deeply – that’s the all-too-familiar scent of cigarettes and cigars – yes this is the casino scene. All of this comes into sharp focus for casino dealers. If you have an aversion to drinking and smoking, partying and gambling, this is probably not apropos for you.

• Casino dealers can advance to higher positions in the casino, or the industry

• You don't need to be a college graduate – a high school diploma is good enough

• The most important attribute for becoming a casino dealer is a winning personality

• The typical hourly wage for a casino dealer is around $20 – $25, with many benefits

• You need to be in good shape to become a casino dealer since you will be standing three quarters of the time

• Integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness are absolutely required if you wish to keep your job as a casino dealer

• Card counting is a skill that you will be required to learn and master, particularly with card games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Punto Banco

• It is important to point out that life as a casino dealer is not always a full-time vocation. This is true at smaller casinos that are only busy in season, and virtually empty out of season

• Casino dealers at reputable establishments often boast of the benefits packages that are available, including health care, dental care, retirement plans (401(k)) and flexi-time.


Now for the fun part!  Most casino dealers get their training on the job. Fortunately, you won't have to undergo tremendous academic study since casino dealers are specialists with card games, dice games, and table games. There aren't electives to worry about.

Casino dealer schools can typically get ‘interns’ up and running within 2 months – 3 months and ready for blackjack dealing.  For the most part, training is affordable at around $1000/$2000. Fortunately, if you sign up with a reputable online casino that cares about your casino dealer education, they will take care of all the training for you, in-house. This is especially true if the casino is about to open, or has recently opened.

In-house training is the best way to go as a casino dealer. You get exposed to all the action, in real time. Since casinos are open 24/7, casino dealers get to work in a real-world setting. Fortunately, casino table games are limited during the day and come alive at night.

Training sessions typically take this into account and interns can ease into their new role. Many dealers take a different route to their vocation. Some folks undergo 4 – 8-week training courses and then go on to apply to their chosen casino establishment for a job.

Other players go the traditional route and approach a casino directly for training in-house. Those who don't have any experience as casino dealers will probably do well to get some assistance from a professional casino dealer school such as the Mizrachi Dealer Academy, or The Casino Institute.

Once you have successfully qualified from an accredited casino dealer school, or a fully licensed and regulated land-based casino, you're free to ply your trade. There is plenty of work for fully qualified Poker dealers, Blackjack dealers, and Craps dealers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) figures from 2017, there are some 94,260 gaming dealers across the United States, with a mean hourly wage of $11.02, and a mean annual wage of $20,910 (excluding tips). States with the largest concentration of casino dealers include California, Nevada, Washington, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Florida. The highest wages are paid to dealers in California, South Dakota, parts of North Dakota, and Michigan.


The costs of attending casino dealer schools vary from one location to the next. However, if you study in-house at a land-based casino, the training is provided to you as a complimentary service as an employee of the casino. Multiple casino dealer schools are available throughout the country, including the following options:

• Ace of Spades in Hialeah, Florida – total price of $1500

• Mizrachi Dealer Academy in Hollywood Florida – total price of $1300

• Anne Arundel Community College Casino Dealer School – $197 – $737 per course including tuition and fees

• MSJC (Mt San Jacinto College) - $1000 total price for table games and poker games

• CEG Casino Dealer School Las Vegas – Craps $235, one game $295, two games $500, 3 games $600, Poker $850 (each game option excludes Craps)

• PCI Dealer School – 3-game special $499, Blackjack, Dice, Roulette $799


Fortunately, casino dealer school is thoroughly engaging and the rather short-lived nature of the academic and practical instruction makes it easy to complete the training. Much of the training can be completed in-house at the casino dealer school, or online.

Players will work with professional instructors who have extensive experience in dealing and supervising newbies. A team of managers is standing by at each of these professional and accredited institutions to assist up-and-coming casino dealers with their craft. Once you’re suitably qualified as a dealer, the casino dealer schools will advance your application to a casino or poker room. 

The placement programs are affiliated with large networks of properties. All graduates will receive a certificate of completion, attesting to their casino dealer training. Sometimes, it is possible to receive one-on-one training with a professional instructor at a premium price.

This is the most intensive form of study, with personal coaches walking you through every step of the casino dealer training process. The industry jargon for the casino job interview is known as the audition, and it requires the dealers to actually perform under pressure. This is the most challenging aspect of the casino dealer training, but also the most rewarding!


Casino dealer salaries vary markedly across the industry. Anne Arundel Community College states that casino dealers have the potential to earn up to $50,000 in wages and tips, but that's at the top end. If we go by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean hourly wage (2017 figures) was reported at $11.02, with a mean annual wage of $22,910. The top 10% of casino dealers earn an average of $16.45 per hour, and $34,210 per annum. It is estimated, although not confirmed, that casinos which allow dealers to keep all of their tips have reported earnings of $100,000 per annum. 

Provided you are dealing at high-stakes Blackjack, Baccarat, or Craps tables, it is not inconceivable that much bigger tips will be forthcoming. The casino dealer salary typically includes many other value-added extras which are worth their weight in gold.

These include things like travel opportunities to move freely between casinos, states, and even countries. Other options include flexi-time schedules, 401(k) plans for retirement, the social component of living and working the casino dealer life, and of course all of the generous tips that will be coming your way. A little research goes a long way when it comes to finding out the average casino dealer salary. Many websites indicate that an average hourly rate of $25 is easy to come by.

Leading US jobsite, listed salaries for casino dealers across the country, with hourly wages ranging between $15.86 per hour at Ace Casino Equipment Casino Dealer, to $18.07 per hour at Oxford Casino, $18.53 per hour at Its Your Party LLC, $23.64 per hour at Sandia Resort & Casino, and $24.51 per hour at Goodfellas Gaming. Your level of experience often determines the hourly wage that you can command, and the tips that you are likely to receive.


Now that you know a thing or two about what it takes to become a casino dealer, where to study this profession, and how much he makes, it's time for a few bonus casino dealer tips. We'll name our expert in-house casino dealer Mr Shuffle, and he has years of experience at the highest levels of casino dealing. We quizzed him about sharing some casino dealer tips with our fan base, and this is what he had to say:

• Go in with a positive attitude on every shift and maintain focus, cordiality, and integrity all the time.

• Pick a game you really enjoy dealing, and master it. Then, pick another game and master it too. That way you become a jack of all trades.

• Get enough rest, exercise, and nutrition before the long-haul shifts. Blackjack casino dealers, Roulette casino dealers, and Baccarat casino dealers are often the focal point at casinos. Look your best, feel your best, and deal to the best of your ability.

• Be prepared to stand for hours on end and invest in several pairs of orthopaedic shoes to make it much easier for you.

• Don't be afraid to ask your supervisors questions during your training sessions – you certainly don't want to be asking players what to do.

• Follow the rules and regulations, procedures and frameworks to the letter. Never pocket chips from the table, never mark the cards, never conspire with players or other dealers, and never manipulate the games in any way.

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