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Deposit with Paynearme

PayNearMe is a novel payment processing option available to online casino players in New Jersey. Today, there are some 28,000 stores across the United States, many of them right here in the Garden State. PayNearMe requires that customers simply visit a participating 7-Eleven store, and pay by scanning a barcode. As soon as the barcode has been scanned by the cashier, you can make the payment in cash and you will receive a receipt. The entire process at 7-Eleven can be completed in under 30 seconds. 888casino NJ fully supports the PayNearMe option for deposits into your online casino account. Be advised that this money service only uses cash. Currently, other options such as credit cards, debit cards, checks, money orders, ATM cards, and gift cards are not supported by PayNearMe.

This deposit method cannot be used for withdrawal purposes. You can quickly and easily fund your online casino account at 888 by using PayNearMe, 24/7. Simply navigate to your online gaming account at 888casino using a username/password combination. At the cashier, click on the drop-down menu to select Cash at 7-Eleven to make a deposit. 888 will provide you with a barcode that can be used for completing your purchase via your Android or iOS phone. Once you have made the deposit at your local New Jersey 7-Eleven store, you can start playing for real money.  PayNearMe is far more cost-effective, and easier to use than money orders. For starters, you don’t need to complete lengthy forms and mail them or drive around searching for a payment office during business hours. PayNearMe is available at all New Jersey 7-Eleven convenience stores, and they are open 24/7.

To get started with this deposit option, simply follow the instructions from 888casino NJ to get your code. As soon as you have received that code, you can use any of the 7-Eleven retail stores in New Jersey. Simply head over to the store, hand over your payment code from 888casino NJ and make your payment. Your receipt is proof that you have paid, and you will also receive confirmation via your phone. The good news is that this is one of the most cost-effective ways to make a deposit into your online casino account. Payments can range from free to $5.99, but you will always know how much you can expect to pay with the iOS or Android app.

Why Use PayNearMe at 888 Casino?

PayNearMe is a safe, convenient and quick way to make a deposit into your 888casino NJ account. If you choose this option, we will issue you a unique barcode which can be used for repeat deposits. You will be required to create a barcode for use with PayNearMe, and this requires you to register an account at the casino. Visit the cashier, select the deposit option, and choose PayNearMe from the range of deposit options available to you. You can either have the message sent to your smartphone or print it out.

PayNearMe is a novel way to securely generate a barcode to be used for deposits into your 888casino NJ account. This payment processing option is one of the preferred ways to fund your 888 account. Players who don’t want to have details of their online gaming activity on Visa, MasterCard, bank wire, or electronic funds transfers can simply opt for the cash option with PayNearMe at 777. Whenever you pop into your local 7-Eleven store, you can pick up all the snacks and beverages you need and add funds to your account at 888. Since a unique barcode is applicable to your account, the deposits are credited to you. No money can be withdrawn through the barcode if your phone goes missing, or if you lose the printout.

PayNearMe deposits are 100% secure. The multi-step process requires you to use your username/password combination to log into your 888casino NJ account. After that, you simply navigate to the cashier and choose deposit. Once you select this deposit option, you can head over to 7-Eleven up the street and pay with cash. Note that you cannot pay with Visa, MasterCard, ATM cards or other payment options – it must be cash. Since 888casino allows mobile gaming throughout New Jersey, you can generate the barcode while you’re at the 7-Eleven store. Simply give the store clerk the barcode and cash and your account will be topped up instantly. Within 10 minutes, your 888casino account will reflect the funds that you have deposited.


888casino NJ makes this process as simple as possible. In 3 steps, you can have everything ready to have the funds deposited into your online casino account. Simply login and navigate to the cashier where you will choose ‘Cash at 7-Eleven’ to make a deposit using PayNearMe. Next, confirm your email address and have the barcode sent to your smartphone, or simply print out the barcode. Be advised that the minimum deposit is $10 and the maximum is $500. The final step in the process requires you to visit a 7-Eleven store in New Jersey. Simply show the cashier the barcode and hand over the amount you’d like to deposit. That’s how easy it is to process payments through this deposit option.

Fees and Charges

The fees and charges with PayNearMe deposits into your 888casino NJ are minimal. According to the official PayNearMe page, the fees vary from $0 through $5.99 on the high-end. 70% of service providers charge a fee of just $1.99.


This deposit option is guaranteed safe and secure. Since the money is going directly into your 888casino NJ account through a unique barcode assigned to you, and nothing can be withdrawn via this payment option, it is ironclad.


There are several hundred 7-Eleven locations in New Jersey, making this one of the most accessible deposit options for you. At 888casino NJ, you can simply login, navigate to the cashier and choose ‘Cash at 7-Eleven’ from the list of deposit options.


PayNearMe takes a little longer because you need to visit a 7-Eleven store near you. Of course, this is more convenient than traveling to Caesars Atlantic City to make a deposit via the cage. Since there are hundreds of 7-Eleven stores available, it shouldn’t take too much time to head over and pay with cash. As soon as you have made the deposit, the funds will be available in your account within 10 minutes. In the unlikely event that there is a delay, you may have to wait up to 24 hours for the payments to be confirmed.


PayNearMe is as safe as houses. The multi-step process requires checks and balances to ensure that only you can enjoy the benefits of deposits via this payment method. For starters, you use your username/password to log into your 888 account. Next, you take the barcode on your smartphone, or on a paper printout to a 7-Eleven store in New Jersey. The only security concern you may have is carrying cash around on your person. Take the necessary precautions to keep your cash concealed until you hand it over to the store clerk. The minimum deposit that you can make is $10, and the maximum deposit in any 24-hour period is $500. 888casino NJ has set these deposit limits for your security.

Easy to Use

PayNearMe is relatively easy to use. The 3-step process can be completed in a matter of minutes, and then you simply take the barcode on your mobile, or the printout to your local 7-Eleven. Simply hand over cash along with the barcode to the store clerk, and the money will be available in your 888casino account.

How to deposit with PayNearMe at 888?

Using PayNearMe is relatively quick and easy. You start by logging into your 888casino account, using your username/password combination. Next, navigate to the cashier, and follow the steps:

  1. Click on the deposit option and scroll down the list for more deposit methods. You will see PayNearMe highlighted under ‘Cash at 7-Eleven’.
  2. Next, you will be required to confirm your email and you must decide whether you want the barcode on your smartphone, or a printout of it. If you wish to print the barcode, you must bring it with you to the cashier and make a deposit of at least $10. If you want to use your mobile, simply click ‘Use Mobile’ and further instructions will be texted to your phone.
  3. Now you’re ready to visit a 7-Eleven store. Allow them to scan the barcode on your smartphone, or hand them the receipt. Remember the minimum deposit and maximum deposit amounts ($10 and $500 within 24 hours).

Where Can I get this Payment Method?

PayNearMe is one of the most popular options currently available to players in New Jersey. Since it is provided in conjunction with 7-Eleven, there are hundreds of locations throughout New Jersey that you can use. At 888 casino NJ, you simply head over to the cashier and choose PayNearMe through 7-Eleven from the drop-down menu. Be advised that you cannot use a credit card, and debit card, ATM card or any other option besides cash to make the deposit with the store clerk.

Further Information

888casino NJ players are welcome to get in touch with customer support representatives who will happily walk you through the process of making a deposit using this option.

Email – Click Here

Telephone – Toll Free: 1-855-218-6234

Available Hours – You can make PayNearMe deposits into your 888 account around the clock. Most 7-Eleven stores are open 24 hours in a day but check with your local store to be sure.


PayNearMe via 7-Eleven is a secure, convenient and cost-effective way to quickly transfer money into your 888 account. There are many benefits to using this payment option such as low costs, deposits of up to $500 into your account within a 24-hour period, and the convenience of being able to visit a local 7-Eleven store to make a deposit. Be advised that you can only use cash for this deposit option, which means that you will have to have real money on hand, or draw money to make a deposit. If you happen to lose your barcode, or delete it from your phone, you can generate another one as many times as needed. Simply visit the cashier, click deposit, choose PayNearMe, and receive a message to your mobile or print a slip. This payment option is only for deposits – no withdrawals are possible.

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