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Jacks or Higher

Jacks or Higher

Video poker is also known as “draw poker”. The dealer uses a 52-card deck which is shuffled after each hand. The object of the game depends upon the machine used.. Click here for more info

Video poker: what's the deal?

Video poker follows the same rules as a regular five-card draw poker game. However, there are no dealers or other players involved. When you play online video poker, you are playing against the machine, meaning that there is a lot less pressure than regular table poker, yet all the rules and excitement remain. First introduced in the mid 1970s when personal computers made their debut into homes and business, video poker became widely popular in casinos in 1979 when Draw Poker was first introduced by International Games Technology. Throughout the 80s the game continued to grow in popularity as players realized that online video poker games were a way to play their favorite poker games and build up their personal game and playing style in a much less intimidating fashion.

Online video poker – hold or draw

Video poker is fashioned after the five-card draw style of poker, and therefore follows the same basic rules. Players will indicate the amount they would like to bet between 1 and 5 credits per game. After placing a bet, players can click to deal their cards. For each game, players are dealt a five card poker hand. Players can then click on each card they wish to hold, and then click "Deal" again. The cards that were not held will be replaced by new cards and the outcome will be based on the normal poker winning combinations, in accordance with the paytable of the specific game being played.

Video poker games – the thrill without the chase

Many video poker games contain a double payoff round. What this means is that if a player plays and scores a winning combination, they will have the choice to either cash out their winnings and revert them back to their bankroll, or replay, using those winnings to bet. The game will shuffle the deck and deal out a five-card hand facedown. One card will be randomly turned over by the game. Players must then choose one of the other four cards to turn over. If the card picked is higher than the card randomly turned over by the game, the player will win double their initial payoff.

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