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Classic blackjack

Classic Blackjack

Your goal is to achieve a higher point total than the dealer without going over 21. Put your chips on the table, use your favorite Blackjack strategy to beat the dealer without "busting". Click here for more info

A History of Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular casino banking game in the world. Originally known as twenty-one, a game that was first referenced in a short story written by Don Quixote writer Miguel de Cervantes in Spain in 1601. A gambler himself, Cervantes’ story centers around two cheats working in Seville who have become experts at cheating at twenty-one. The book makes reference to the fact that the game’s objective is to reach 21 without exceeding it, as well as the fact that the ace has a value of 1 or 11. When twenty-one was first brought to the United States, in order to garner interest, gambling houses offered special bonuses, including a ten-to-one payout if a player had a hand, known as a ‘blackjack’. This hand had to contain an ace of spades as well as either a black Jack of Spades or Clubs card. The bonus did not last long; however, the name stuck and modern-day Blackjack was born.

Blackjack games – The basics of play

The objective of blackjack is to beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 points as possible without going over 21, known as going bust. The cards are assigned specific values that indicate their point levels. Aces can be counted as either one point or 11 points, all face cards are counted as 10 points, and all number cards retain their face value. The dealer will deal each player two cards, both face up, and deal themselves a face up card as well as a face down card. The dealer will check their face down card, but will not reveal it to players unless he has scored a blackjack, meaning he has an ace and a 10-point card as his first two cards. Players must make their bets based on the cards they have been dealt. They then have the option to ‘Stand’ meaning they keep their cards as is, or ‘Hit’, meaning they will be dealt an additional card from the dealer. A player may ask the dealer to ‘Hit’ them as many times as they like. Once a player rests their hand the dealer will begin dealing to their hand. The dealer is required to hit until they have a minimum of 17 points.

How to win online blackjack at 888casino

There are several ways to win at blackjack. The first is by scoring blackjack, meaning that your first two cards have given you a 21-point hand. You can also win by scoring a total value that is less than 21 points, but over the dealer’s total. For instance you have a face card and a nine, making a total value of 19, while the dealer has a face card and a seven, making a total value of 17. Players can also win online blackjack if the dealer goes bust (exceeds 21 points) while the player’s card value remains under 21. If the dealer and the player should happen to tie, it is known as a ‘push’ and neither player is considered to be the winner.

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