imagine if somebody told you that you can play online casino games in New Jersey
and win every single time. ‘Impossible!’ you say incredulously. How could anybody play any game online and win every single time? To answer this question, we must delve into the semantics, philosophy, and peripheral issues in greater detail. 

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Playing Online Casino Games in New Jersey is a Big Win for these Reasons

Back in 2005, the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) made most forms of online gambling illegal in the US. Technically speaking, the UIGEA simply prevented payment processors from transferring funds to online gambling sites. Yet, despite this, online gambling operators continued to offer their services to US-based players. 

By April 15, 2011, the US DOJ indicted the world's biggest online poker rooms in a sweeping series of operations on ‘Black Friday’, officially referred to as United States v. Scheinberg. After penalties were paid, all was forgiven. Fast forward to 26 February, 2013 – the New Jersey State Legislature approved an Internet Gambling Bill which was signed into law by Governor Chris Christie.

Since 2013, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) approved Internet gaming licences for the following authorized sites:

•    Ocean Resort Casino
•    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
•    Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa
•    Golden Nugget Atlantic City
•    Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City
•    Tropicana Casino Resort Atlantic City
•    Caesars Interactive Entertainment – Affiliate of Boardwalk Regency Corporation

*Each of these authorized sites features online gambling sites, courtesy of operating partners. 

Players are required to be at least 21+ years of age to play online casino New Jersey games. Responsible gaming advocacy is encouraged by all participating operators, and the DGE oversees all aspects of land-based gaming, and online gaming activity in the Garden State.

How Can I Win on Roulette Every Time?

If time travel was possible, you could probably join Marty McFly, Dr Emmett Brown and feed some garbage into your DeLorean to generate 1.21 GW of power for the flux capacitor. Then, you could read about all the roulette jackpots that were ever won in New Jersey, and go Back to the Future and place bets on those winning selections. Indeed, that's precisely what Marty McFly’s nemesis – Biff did with the Grays Sports Almanac. It featured the complete sports statistics from 1950 – 2000, and the rest is movie history!

Practically, you're unlikely to find a time machine capable of performing such fantastical feats. This brings us to other ways to win on roulette every time. Feeling gobsmacked? If you're wondering how anyone could even suggest such a preposterous notion, read on. We're going to show you exactly what it means to win on roulette games every time you play at an online casino. To better understand our angle, consider the following aphorism: ‘Light Is the Absence of Darkness.’ Would it be fair to assume then that ‘Winning is the Absence of Losing?’ We can all agree that if you're not losing on roulette games, you must be doing something right. Precisely what that ‘something’ is will be discussed in the next section.

As a New Online Casino Player, You Are Privy to Generous Welcome Bonuses

It's hard to imagine any of the bricks and mortar casinos in Atlantic City giving you free money to gamble with. Why would they do such a thing? They wouldn't! However, you can play real money casino games with free money from leading online casinos. There are many different types of bonuses and promotional offers available to roulette players. These make it so much easier to play and win roulette. The most beneficial bonus you can get is a No Deposit Bonus. As its namesake suggests, you don't have to make a deposit to get the bonus. You can use the bonus to play roulette for real money. If you win, you simply have to meet the bonus terms and conditions (wagering requirements) to be able to clear your winnings.

A No Deposit Bonus is a win-win for players and the online casino in question. For starters, it is the perfect enticement to hook new players, and reel them in. The online casino benefits from increased traffic, word-of-mouth referrals, and greater click-through-rates. Players benefit with real money roulette wins. If you meet the playthrough requirements, you get to keep whatever winnings you have generated. If you don't, you don't. The T&C of no deposit bonuses may require players to make a specific deposit in order to cash out their winnings. Provided your winnings are substantially more than the deposit, why not? That's how you win on roulette as a new player.

‘No Deposit Bonuses’ Not Available? No Problem!

There are many different types of online casino bonuses and promotional offers. In fact, they vary from one casino to the next. Match Deposit Bonuses, Live Roulette Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, and Multi-Deposit Bonuses abound. You simply have to do a little research to pick the best bonuses for your roulette gaming sessions. Be advised that online casinos – like any business – need to stay in business. There are always T&C to comply with, so be sure to carefully read the fine print when opting in for any bonus offer.

By now, your thought process may be changing somewhat. Perhaps you’re thinking along the lines of…

‘Okay, I get it! There are plenty of obscure ways for me to win roulette every time I play. But can I really win on every spin? Is it even possible?’

Guaranteed Ways Never to Lose Real Money on Roulette Games

Deep down, you probably already know the answer to this question. But let's remember the most important facts about this casino game. Roulette is first and foremost a betting game. It relies on randomness to deliver unique results from every spin. Unless you are the Almighty himself, or herself, there is no way to ever know where the ball will land with any degree of certainty. 

That being said, there are guaranteed ways never to lose real money on roulette games. How? You simply play free roulette games online at 888casino NJ. We have already established that the words ‘Free Casino Games’ have many meanings. In demo roulette games, you never have to pay a cent out of pocket. You may not always get your roulette results, but you will never lose real money in the process.

With bonuses and promotional offers, you can structure your betting activity in such a way that the money you pay out to recover your winnings is always less than the winnings you generate. Let's say the no deposit bonus requires you wager a certain amount in order to cash out any winnings you have generated from the bonus. This is merely an example, for illustrative purposes. Assuming you take your no deposit bonus and bet it on a single number. Before we go any further, let's say that the $10 no deposit bonus comes with a 50 X wagering requirement. 

In other words, you have to bet at least $500 to clear your bonus or any winnings from that bonus. So, you take your $10 and you place it on a single number in roulette. The pay for a single number that hits is $350. Now, you may decide to take that money and bet on 10 different numbers, with $20 bets each. If just one of those roulette numbers hit, you’re in the money. Your outlay is 10 bets X $20 = $200, but your winnings are $20 X 35 = $700 from the one successful bet. Since you get your initial bet back on the winning roulette bet, you are well ahead of the curve. Plus, you have met the 50 X wagering requirement. Whatever money you generate is yours to keep… or is it? Let’s take a look!

Not So Fast Player – The Online Casino is One Step Ahead of You

Be advised that there are time constraints with no deposit bonus offers. Certain games may contribute 100% towards meeting the wagering requirement, such as slots, but not all of them do. This is really important stuff, so be sure to read the detailed bonus terms and conditions. You may be surprised to learn that roulette games usually count just 10% (game contribution). 

This important bit of news will come as a shock to you, but it's still doesn't disqualify you from walking away a winner. You simply have to bet more in order to cash out your winnings. With a 10% game contribution percentage, you would have to bet 10 times more before you can cash out your winnings from the no deposit bonus on roulette.

How does this work? If you get a $10 no deposit bonus with a 50 X wagering requirement, it now becomes a 500 X wagering requirement for roulette. Instead of betting $500, you have to bet $5000. This is possible, but unlikely, if you bet on straight up numbers and win, or you have a fantastic run of luck with a combination of even money bets that pay out. You'll be surprised how quickly you can get up to $5000 when you're playing roulette online. 

A caveat is in order: Use this method only if you are not shelving out your own money chasing down a very small bonus on roulette. It wouldn't make any sense to spend $5000 just to cash out $500 worth of winnings from a bonus. If you are lucky with multiple successful straight up bets and even money bets, wagering that $5000 makes sense!

What About Biased Roulette Wheels and Roulette Betting Systems?

Back in the old days, land-based casinos may have featured biased roulette wheels for any number of reasons. An improperly aligned roulette wheel will always yield biased results. Or perhaps the roulette wheel is hampered by obstructions, friction or subject to tampering. At times, corrupt roulette dealers may attempt to influence the outcomes of roulette games. 

As you can imagine, such activity would yield an unfair advantage to players who are aware of wheel bias. Today however, it is extremely unlikely that any licensed casino sites operate biased roulette wheels. For starters, all wheels are perfectly balanced and an on-table spirit-level indicates as much. 

Roulette wheels are routinely inspected for any imperfections, wear and tear, obstructions, or impediments to frictionless spinning. If anything is amiss – including slight wear and tear on the pouches, upper bearing, trackball, deflectors, axles, diamond, or pockets – the wheel is replaced. Not only does degradation of these surfaces occur from time to time, but it can lead to irregular outcomes. 

An article on 888casino by Frank Scoblete titled, ‘Roulette Wheel: All Secrets, Myths & Facts’ provides fascinating inside information into this great game. At the end of the article he says, and I quote: 

‘…Here’s the bad news: Today’s wheels are almost perfectly balanced, the pockets are the same width, depth and thickness, and constant computer checking of these wheels prevents them from being anything less than almost perfectly working devices; perfect enough that as long as they are checked frequently no player can get an edge over them.’ 

As far as roulette betting systems go, these resources have no powers of prediction. There is absolutely no gambling system in the world that can anticipate where the roulette ball will land with any degree of accuracy. Online casinos routinely publish blog posts about how to win with roulette, but they never provide you with accurate information. It's all about keyword stuffing for SEO purposes. They will never offer you information like you’re reading in this guide. Everything you need to know is right here. Feel free to circle back to this guide anytime you need a refresher on how to win at roulette every time.

You've probably heard about Martingale, Fibonacci, or even James Bond betting systems before. Truth be told, you're not going to get any benefit from these betting systems as far as prediction, forecasting, or soothsaying goes. If the outcome of a game is random, nothing can help you get an accurate result for every spin. What we can say with certainty is that a European Roulette wheel has 37 possible outcomes and each one stands just as much chance as the next of occurring. For American Roulette, there are 38 possible outcomes. That's the way the cookie crumbles!

Can You Win Free Stuff Playing Roulette at a Casino?

One of my favorite tricks at bricks and mortar casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City is the ‘Happy Hour’ that never ends on the casino floor routine. We all know how expensive beers, wines, and other alcoholic beverages can be at casinos. You’re looking at anywhere from $5 – $15 for every drink you get. But when you're playing roulette at a land-based casino, the wait staff will happily go around the tables and offer you free drinks. 

Of course, it's polite to tip them for their troubles – so do that. If you figure that you are consuming $15 – $30 every hour on alcohol, it's worth losing at least that amount by making small roulette bets while you’re seated at the tables for an hour or two. You’re basically paying for your entertainment!

There you have it – the layman’s guide to winning at roulette every time. Follow this advice and you’ll never go wrong. At the very least, you’ll have a great time!