Conventional roulette is fashioned around a freely spinning wheel on a spindle, with ball pockets, a wheelhead, cones, and bearings. In the casino world, the roulette dealer spins the ball in the opposite direction of the roulette wheel. Winners are crowned when a player’s bet selection and the outcome of the roulette spin are identical. That's the conventional method of play for online roulette and land-based roulette games. Tall Boy Roulette is a different animal entirely!

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Roulette Drinking Games: Introducing Tall Boy Roulette 

•    Tallboy Roulette is a drinking game available in many variants. A tallboy (16 oz) can of alcohol is typically used by players in Tall Boy Roulette games.
•    Getting set up with Tall Boy Roulette games is easy. Players can either wrap tallboys in brown paper packets and place them in a circular format, or pack the tallboys in a cooler.
•    Various drinking roulette games are available, including beach style, homestyle, pick & choose Tall Boy Roulette. 
•    Drinking roulette games go by many different names such as tallboy roulette, beer drinking games, roulette drinking games, college drinking games, and shot glass roulette. 


Before we begin, clear your head of everything you know about roulette. Forget the spinning wheel, the ball, and the bet selections. Tall Boy Roulette is a borrowing from the game made famous by the French mathematician, Blaise Pascal in the 1600s. There are few similarities between Tallboy Roulette and traditional roulette, bar a couple: Players compete for winning a prize! And, players must be of legal age to play Tall Boy Roulette. As always, responsible gaming advocacy is the order of the day in all forms of roulette gaming.

What is Tallboy Roulette all About?

American college students know all about drinking games, and Tall Boy Roulette is another one of those great games that really gets people excited. There are many different ways to play this exciting game. For starters, each of the legal-age players must bring a beer, or alcoholic beverage to the roulette party. Tallboys are 16 oz beer cans. These are all the rage with craft brewers across the country. For the most part, Tallboys are sold in 4-packs. Beer cans come in 5 different sizes, including NIPs 8.4 ounces (mini cans), 12 ounces (standard cans), Tallboys 16 ounces (the trendiest option), Stovepipes 19.2 ounces (long beer cans), and Crowlers 32 ounces (ideal for lightweight beer drinkers). 

Definitions of Alcohol Poisoning and Beer Roulette

Of course, ‘seasoned’ Tall Boy Roulette players may wish to substitute the ‘Tallboy’ for the ‘Stovepipe’ option if all players agree.  A caveat is in order: Never consume more alcohol than your body is capable of metabolizing in a reasonable time. According to the Mayo Clinic, ‘Alcohol poisoning is a serious — and sometimes deadly — consequence of drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. Drinking too much too quickly can affect your breathing, heart rate, body temperature and gag reflex and potentially lead to a coma and death.’  While the human body absorbs alcohol rapidly, it takes a long time for the liver to process and metabolize the alcohol. The more you drink per unit time, the more damaging the effects of the alcohol.

Tallboy Roulette is a variant of Beer Roulette, which is described in Urban Dictionary as follows: ‘A drinking game in which there is a circle of any number of people (preferably over 3 and under 10). Provide one can of beer for each player and have someone that is not playing take the cans into another room. Have that person shake one can and then put the cans into and ice chest and return back to the original room. Each player takes one can and take turns opening their can, hoping not to have the shaken can. Repeat around the circle until someone is sprayed with beer. That player is out and the rest of the players drink their can. Repeat rounds until there is one player left. That player is the winner.’

How to Get Set up with Tallboy Roulette Games

Based on the rules of the game, the Tall Boy Roulette player who selects the shaken beer can is the loser. The action continues with the remaining players in the game, until just 1 player remains. Naturally, a casual game such as Tallboy Roulette can be played any number of ways. The player who selects the shaken beer can may be declared the winner of the round, or the loser – it's up to the gamers to decide. Contestants a.k.a. players in Tallboy Roulette games may bring their own beer to the games, or everyone can simply chip in and the MC buys the beer for everyone.

There are many different types of alcoholic beverages available in 16 ounce tallboy cans. These include the likes of: Stone Brewing Company – Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale, Radeberger - Pilsner, Pabst Brewing Company – Pabst Blue Ribbon, Miller Brewing Co – Miller Lite, Eddyline – Grapefruit Yanker, Eddyline – Epid Day Double IPA, Eddyline – Crank Yanker IPA, Coors Brewing Co – Coors Light, Coors Banquet Lager, Corona Extra, Heineken, 3 Floyds Behemoth, and Budweiser by Anheuser Busch, among many others.

Most traditional roulette games require players to buy in. In Tallboy Roulette and other drinking roulette games, there is no buy in other than the alcohol. Provided an adequate number of players is in attendance – the more players the less likely it is that too much alcohol will be consumed by too few people – Tallboy Roulette games can kick off in earnest. Make no mistake about it; it's a totally wild game with plenty of action-packed entertainment. Your buddies will be filming the festivities from inception to the final dizzy spell of drunken debauchery as the last of the tallboy roulette cans are consumed with gusto.

Different Variants of Tallboy Roulette Games

Beach Style Tallboy Roulette

As its namesake suggests, a group of drinking-age buddies gathers at the beach to enjoy a responsible session of gaming. You'll need a couple of coolers with lots of ice, and plenty of 16 ounce alcoholic beverages. To make it interesting, bring brown paper packets for each of the 16 ounce alcoholic cans that will be used. 

You want to add a little mystique to the game. Players shouldn't know what surprise awaits them in the closed brown paper packet. Once all the alcoholic beverages have been wrapped up for the next round of play, one of them is randomly selected, and shaken. It is then placed back into the pile and a circle of tallboy cans is placed in the sand. 

Players take turns picking just 1 wrapped can from the circle, one at a time. If you open the can that was shaken, you either win the round or you lose around – that's it!

Homestyle Tallboy Roulette Games

Roulette drinking games coming many different shapes and sizes. It is certainly possible to play tallboy roulette at home, in much the same fashion as it is played at the beach, or outside. Players can take their seat at a table (between 3 and 10 players), with the maitre d' a.k.a. master of ceremonies officiating. The tallboys are stored in the refrigerator for each round of play. 

Limit the number of sessions of tallboy Roulette Games to prevent anybody from getting too sick. A couple of rounds is all that's required to liven up any home party. Everybody should be sleeping over, or getting an Uber or Lyft ride home so that nobody gets pulled over driving home drunk.

Pick & Choose Tallboy Roulette 

The ‘Pick & Choose’ Tallboy Roulette variant is the least creative option available to players. The host of the game simply places all the tallboys in a cooler outside. Players go outside, one at a time to randomly pick a tallboy from the cooler. Whatever you pick is your prize. No peeking inside. Suffice it to say, this game get much more interesting as you increase the number of rounds. By the end of the sessions, the ‘Pick & Choose’ variant becomes just as entertaining as all the other options. 

Drinking Roulette Games with a Roulette Wheel
The variety of Tallboy Roulette games is limited only by a players creativity and imaginative flair. There's no reason why tallboy roulette cannot be played with an actual roulette wheel from the comforts of home. Fortunately, there are many ways to go about this, such as marking or specific quadrants on a roulette wheel to correspond with a specific 16 ounce alcoholic beverage. For example, you may take masking tape and mark off 4 quadrants on the roulette wheel. Each quadrant may correspond with a specific alcoholic beverage. The roulette dealer spins the wheel, and the ball in the opposite direction. 

Wherever the ball lands will determine which alcoholic beverage the player must drink. To make it interesting, different variations of alcohol content per can may be used, ranging from non-alcoholic beverages at 0%, to standard beer at 5%, cider at 6%, malt liquor at 7%, spirits at 20% – 40%, et cetera. It is possible to divide the roulette wheel up into as many sections as there are players. That way, there is greater variety on every spin. For example, with 10 players, you would typically add a new division on average every 4 numbers on an American Roulette Wheel (10 X 4 equals 40, and there are 38 numbers on an American Roulette Wheel).

Players can go a step further and determine the odds of hitting specific alcoholic beverages based on the number of slots that correspond with specific drinks. For example, with an American Roulette Wheel, 3 slots correspond with a 3/38 chance of winning i.e. 7.9% probability of hitting a specific beverage. If you like those odds, you can certainly bet with play money chips and enjoy roulette with friends.

What Are the Most Commonly Searched Terms for Tallboy Roulette Games?

For many folks, roulette drinking games are quite the novelty. The correlation between roulette and drinking is often spurious at best, but it certainly makes for an interesting session of entertainment. Naturally, the positioning of the alcohol in a circular format, with players taking turns and betting on their selections is reminiscent of the game of roulette. There are many search terms for roulette drinking games, including the following options:
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Fans of this game are reminded to play responsibly at all times. The objective is to have a good time, and there’s nothing like a couple of 16 oz tallboys to put an entirely different spin on the fabulous game of roulette! 


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