Casino games are substantially profitable and not to mention thrilling in most creative ways. Those who are eligible to play, win and bet on a casino game surely enjoy the lavish and challenging scheme of table games, spinning wheels, and classic slot machines.


Slot machines have had quite a lot of following ever since their creation during the late 1890s. Since then, it has become one of the easiest and the most popular gambling machines that you will ever find in a casino place. Additionally, online slot machines have already become rampant due to their colorful reels, and endearing rewards.


If you are looking for a quick refresher, you may want to consider reading further to understand the accumulative basics of casino slot machines. Furthermore, you will also encounter the ins and outs of playing various casino reels to identify and familiarize yourself with the captivating joy of bonuses and rewards.


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Basic Slot Machine Terminology and Phrasing


From ‘Action’ to ‘Zigzag’, there are tons of important terms that players should remember when it comes to slot machine gaming. Obviously, we will not go through every term and ideas that might result in information overload. Rather, we will be looking out to major leeways of playing a slot machine.


It is also important to know that most of the terminology used in a traditional slot machine also applies to the online slot machine gaming. To continue, here are some of the important slot machine terminologies and phrases to learn and understand

  1. Action - Action denoted to the exact amount that the player bets in a specific period of time. Additionally, the following action is credited for some bonus offers when it comes to clearing or wagering.
  2. Active Payline - Various machines allow players to activate a payline in order to adjust the wager. This means that an active payline provides rewards if a specific winning combination has landed onto it.
  3. All Ways - Machines that grant ‘all ways’ have distinguished paylines that provide a left to right or even right to left winning combination. Most online slot machine gaming allows all ways to introduce users with varying rewards and bonus points.
  4. Bars - Bars are the classic slot symbols on your reel that offer the lowest paying and are stacked in single, double, or triple versions.
  5. Bonus Rounds - Bonus rounds are additional gameplays that allow players to enjoy and win extra prizes. Very rampant among online casino slot games.
  6. Cascading Wilds - Cascading slots allows the slot game to import symbols into apparent and cascading wilds for an impressive concurrent win.
  7. Credits - These are the units equivalent to the money that has been entered to play a slot machine. Credit indicators are provided to monitor the amount of credit that you win or lose.
  8. Jackpot - The jackpot is the highest possible winning a player may receive. Different slot machines provide varying jackpot objectives. For instance, a classic 3 reel slot machine activates a jackpot when 3 reels of ‘7’ symbols align properly.
  9. Payout - The payout is the total amount that players win when hitting a winning combo. Most payouts are generally affected by rules, bonus activation, or multipliers.
  10. Zigzag - A zigzag payline pertains to the crooked line that can be seen across the rows and columns of the reels, making it more interesting and more creative to achieve payline layouts.


Different Slot Reels in Casino Slot Machines

When it comes to mechanical slot machines, most veteran players check the leverage that the reels provide. Classic slots gaming has evolved and even portrayed different loads of gameplay. In fact, states such as New Jersey have casinos that offer numerous slot machines with varying reels. 

Yes, slot machines have different reels, and these reels occupy different bonuses and payouts. Some can be technical, while others can be straightforward. Ultimately, these reels are easier to come by and are enjoyable to play with. Here are the different slot reels that you may encounter in a casino place.

3-reel Slots

For a more old-school and classic slot machine feels, the 3-reel slots are definitely your best bet. With an easy-to-use margin, the 3-reel slot provides classic bonus features that are surely nostalgic to play. Most  3-reel slots cater to fruit symbols and typical cascading wilds that ensure a standard challenge and bonuses.

5-reel Slots

Unlike the 3-reel slots, the 5-reel slots have a more sophisticated outlook and creative bonuses installed. With 5-reels providing numerous symbols and creative payouts, 5-reel slots are a safe gaming investment for slot machine players.

6-reel Slots

For players who want to engage in a more elaborate slot machine setting, 6-reel slots provide a comprehensive gameplay that entails different bonuses and features. With multiple spinning columns, 6-reel slots will challenge both the players marginal payout and luck in playing these types of slot machines.

7-reel Slots

The 7-reel slots offer a more contemporary feeling in a grand slot machine gaming. Despite their basic and comprehensive gaming output, the 7-reel slots can be quite intimidating. Unlike the 3 or 5-reel casino slots, the 7-reel slots might have developed quite a lot of overwhelming design and sometimes complicated reward mechanics that can be quite challenging for players.

Additional Slot Machine Gaming

Although most players are highly keen on playing traditional slot machines, there are also alternative avenues for players to enjoy that basically have the same slot machine gaming feels. Here are some of the creative slot machine gaming that you might want to look out for.

Penny Slots

Penny slots are creatively cheap and boast the same reward system as any traditional slot machine. For a slight penny, players may enjoy this active and ingenious slot with varying rewards, exciting bonuses, and relatively cheap credit mark-up that does not bite easily into your pockets.

Video Slot Machines

Video slot machines are the newest form of slot machine gaming. Most casinos often indulge in using video slot machines because of multiple factors. Some video slot machines cover a lot of gameplay settings for players to enjoy, and bonuses are rather lavish. Additionally, video slot machines are cheaper and easier to fix, making them quite a ranking favorite in casino gaming.

Online Casino Slots Gaming

Online casino slots gaming is the most popular form of gaming in the online casino industry. A lot of gaming platforms often follow through on the online casino slots gaming due to convenience and additional bonus features. They are relatively easier to use and free to play.

Tips and Key Points in Playing Slot Machines

A helpful tip can surely come in handy, especially for beginners who might enjoy playing standard slot machines. These vibrant and exciting slot machines often come with winning key points to abide by that might just crank up your luck.

You may try to enjoy and follow these simple tips and key points when playing your next slot machine game, you’ll never know what luck you may earn and surprisingly receive.

  1. One key feature is to know the basics of the game players want to play. Playing a free slot version or betting for a small marginal spot could guide players towards the leeway of the game.
  2. For players who want to increase their chance of hitting a combo, playing a higher denomination might just give them a boost. Simply put, a higher denomination means a higher chance of hitting a playing slot.
  3. Look out for tight machines that exist on a casino game. Slot machines that take too long to spin might cost you a lot of time and a lot of money.
  4. This might sound formal, but playing with cash over a credit card can be safe and controlling for a player. You’ll know how much you bet and you’ll definitely know how much you played.
  5. To enjoy a margin of rewards and bonuses, betting for the maximum is your best bet. Some machines always tally players into playing progressive jackpots and reward features once they bet for the maximum. But players should also remember when to stop.
  6. Finally, it is best to understand the limitation of playing a slot machine. It can be quite addicting and fun, but players should also understand that playing casino games does not only bet for money but with chance and luck as well.


To top it all off, players should understand the general ins and outs of a casino slot game and how it exactly works. Remembering the different styles and gameplay could potentially change their outlook of the game.

Taking note of the different slots and reels of a classic slot game could also change the gaming stance of the player. Whether it provides substantial bonuses or intrinsic gaming mechanics, players should responsibly enjoy the creative and wonderful features of slot machine gaming.





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