The difference between real money to non-real money casino games may seem obvious to some. You're probably thinking, ‘The answer is in the question!’ It is true; real money casino games are played with actual USD a.k.a. cold cash. Non-real money casino games are played with in-game credits that don’t have a redeemable cash value.

What Are Real Money Casino Games?

Legal-age players in New Jersey (21+) are required to register an account at a licensed online casino before playing real-money casino games online. These requirements are put in place by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE). Players are required to verify their identity by way of ID documents (passport, driver's license, ID card, official travel document) as well as proof of residence such as current utility bill (within the past 3 months). Once the info is validated, you can deposit and play real money casino games.

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Naturally, the criteria for real money casino games requires that players make a real-money deposit. Funds must be transferred from an external source to your online casino account. Once those funds have cleared, they can be used to place bets on slots games, card games, table games, video poker games, and the like. It is possible not to make a deposit and still play real money casino games.  This is where the water gets muddied a little bit.

Of course, the devil is in the details. If you opt for a no deposit bonus, you're still required to register an account and verify your information. However, you will not be required to make a deposit in order to play real money casino games. The terms and conditions of the no deposit welcome bonus state that you will be given a certain amount of casino credits which can be used to play casino games online for real money. Note: you cannot withdraw the no deposit welcome bonus without meeting the wagering requirements.

A no deposit casino bonus ‘gifts’ players free cash, or free spins, to play real-money casino games.  Once you have satisfied the T&C of the playthrough requirements, you can cash out your winnings. We can't stress enough how important it is to carefully read the fine print. With no deposit bonuses, there are limits on how much you can wager per spin, per card game, or per table game. There may be other restrictions on total winnings, validity periods, and applicable games.

What are Demo-Play Casino Games?

 Any non-real money online casino game that you play with the intent of simply practicing is a demo game. Players routinely play demo games to fine-tune their gaming tactics, techniques, and strategies. To the untrained eye, a player enjoying a free spins bonus, or a no deposit welcome bonus may appear to be playing demo play casino games. While many demo-play casino games do not require a registration, this is not always the case. Plenty of casino online sites around the world expect players to register before they can access demo play games.

The difference between real money vs non-real money casino games is immediately apparent once you start playing. You will notice a faux balance provided to you by the casino. This may be $1000 in non-real money for casino games. You can choose your bet size accordingly, and enjoy the self-same experience as a real-money casino player on that game. With demo-play casino games, there is zero risk of loss. Since you have not deposited any funds, there is nothing to lose.

‘Real money versus free casino games’ is one of the most widely researched topics by players today. The lines are often blurred by promotions, which are geared towards enticing players into the fold. With demo games, you can practice gambling strategies such as Martingale, Reverse Martingale, James Bond, Fibonacci, D’Alembert, and scores of others. Note, these are bankroll management systems, and not effective gambling strategies. The house edge can never be overcome. 

Demo casino games may be missing key elements such as specific features, value-added accoutrements, and functionality. In short, many demo play casino games are leaner, since no revenues are being generated from them. The words demo slots play are often interchangeably used with free slots, and similar terms for other online casino games. These free casino games no longer use Flash functionality, since that disappeared from the scene in December 2020. Today, demo casino games use HTML5, and run direct off your browser in real time. 

At 888casino New Jersey, players can enjoy demo play online casino games on PC, Mac, and Mobile devices. Free casino games are readily available via the Android and iOS apps, at the Google Play Store, and the App Store. Selecting a free casino game is a breeze. Simply scroll through the list of game categories, pick a game and play in demo mode.  

Do Demo-Play Online Casino Games have Better RTPs?

Free casino games are the same games as the real money versions of those games. Put differently, the RTPs (Return to Player) are identical. Whether you wager $100 in demo play cash, or $100 in real cash, the long-term expected return to player is the same. Players may believe that it is easier to win free casino games online than it is to win real-money casino games online. This is a form of Gambler's Fallacy. The reason why online casino players may feel that free casino games pay out more is psychological in nature. 

Gambling for real money is stressful. The uncertainty of game outcomes is elevated when money is on the line. With demo casino games, there is zero risk of loss. It is much easier to place substantial bets when it’s play money at stake. 

Why do Casinos Offer Free Casino Games?

Casino online sites offer free casino games to entice players to deposit and play for real money. Nowadays, many online casinos feature thousands of slots games, card games, table games, live casino games, and instant win games. Players have carte blanche to choose from many options but it’s virtually impossible to test every game in real money mode. For this reason, casinos offer free casino games to allow players to fund games they wish to play.

Free online casino games are perceived as value-added attractions to players. What online casinos lack in terms of the in-person experience, complete with ambience, and tactile elements, they make up for with free casino games, higher RTPs, bigger bonuses, promotions, and customer service excellence. Free casino games are one of many perks that players get to enjoy while they are discovering all the attractions at online casinos.

Can You Win Real Money Playing Non-Real Money Casino Games?

Non-real money casino games are essentially demo-play games. Technically, you cannot win real money when no real money is changing hands, or no real money equivalent wagers are placed. However, the devil is in the details once again. You can play free casino games and win real money in the process. This is available by way of free spins, free play vouchers, bonus rounds, no deposit bonuses, or match deposit bonuses. All of these elements masquerade as non-real money casino games, with real money benefits.

Can You Learn Anything from Non-Real Money Online Casino Games?

Absolutely! Practice makes perfect, as they say in the classics. Non-real money online casino games or, for all intents and purposes, identical to their real money equivalents. The best way to learn to play online casino game is by practicing different betting combinations (bets, lines played, side bets, betting strategies), with non-real money online casino games. With the exception of real money, there are no discernible differences in terms of game play between real money vs free casino games.

Take the card game blackjack as a case in point. Blackjack is a strategy-based casino card game. It requires players to form a hand value greater than that of the dealer, without busting. The magic number in blackjack is 21, but any hand total that exceeds the dealers hand total will win. Blackjack can be complicated when statistical probabilities are brought into the picture. It's definitely a numbers game where blackjack players learn when to raise bets, and when to stand. Demo play blackjack games are the ideal way to practice your blackjack skills at zero risk of loss.

Nowadays, it's more important than ever to implement effective bankroll management techniques. Online casinos have gifted players tremendously with non-real money online casino games. You can fine tune your skills as a cardplayer – at zero risk of loss – with free casino games online. Besides that, you get to understand how the software works and have a little fun in the process. It is possible to enjoy free casino games on PC, Mac, and mobile at your convenience, 24/7.

Why Do Casinos Not Offer Demo-Play Games with Live Casino Games?

Live casino games are a notable exception when it comes to free casino games. Live dealer casinos are authentic casino studios. These land-based venues are often provided by leading software companies like Evolution Gaming, NetEnt Live, Authentic Gaming, Microgaming Live, or Playtech, among others. There are significant cost involved in maintaining land-based operations with roulette tables, blackjack tables, baccarat tables, craps tables, game show attractions, and the like. If online casinos simply allowed free live casino games, these venues would be operating at a loss.

There are salaries to be paid, equipment to be maintained and serviced, Internet facilities to upkeep, and the overall security of operations to oversee. In the interests of maintaining low costs for all casino players across the board, live casino games are limited to real money players only. However, standard online casino games are virtually identical to the live dealer experience, with the exception of real casino hosts. You can certainly play blackjack online for free, play roulette online for free, for play baccarat free games at your convenience. Once you feel competent to switch to real money play, the live casino option is always available.

One of the most exciting aspects of live casino games is the absence of RNGs. Random number generators are a sophisticated computer programs designed to simulate random outcomes of casino games. With live casino games, there is no need for RNG action. Every roll of the dice is left to Lady Luck. Much the same is true with every card that is turned over, or every roulette wheel that is spun. And overwhelming number of players prefers live casino games, because they trust ‘luck’ more than they trust RNGs. Fortunately, today's casino software developers are independently tested and audited for accuracy, fairness, and credibility. Every casino game outcome at New Jersey online casinos guarantees fair play.

Can I Transfer A Non-Real Money Casino Balance to A Real-Money Casino Balance?

Real money casino balances are separate from non-real money casino balances. If you are currently playing and online casino gaming demo mode, and you win a substantial payout, those winnings are faux winnings. In other words, they can only be used to play demo casino games with. The demo-play courtesy afforded to players by casinos is for entertainment purposes only. It is not possible to cash out demo winnings for real money. Neither can you transfer an ‘available balance’ in a demo account to a real money account.

How Come I Can Win Playing Demo Games, But When I Switch to Real Money Casino I Start Losing?

All online casino games – whether demo or real money mode games – are governed by RNGs. These random number generators ensure that the outcomes of every game are random. Whether you're playing real casino games or free casino games, the RTPs (return to player percentages) are fixed. There is nothing that can be done to change the house edge in casino games. Casinos do not intentionally manipulate demo games to payout more frequently than real money casino games. In any event, you can always ascertain what the RTP of any online casino game is. Simply scroll through to the ‘Info’ or ‘Paytable’ of the online casino game to read the long-term return to player.

If you happen to be one of those players who seems to win when playing demo games, but then loses when you switch to real money casino games, that’s simply variance at play. It happens to the best of us. When games are governed by luck, good fortune can come your way at any time. You may hit a purple patch where everything seems to be going your way with blackjack, roulette, and slots. You may hit a snag where unfavorable casino game outcomes result. Hang in there, Lady Luck will come your way!

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