‘How to Guides’ routinely tout the advantages of doing something amazing on your own. 888casino NJ gaming pros have put together an incredible combination of casino party ideas for you to try at home. When you’re looking to host a casino night party, you want to get things right first time.

Casinos are dazzling venues where players get to immerse themselves in a fantasy-laden reality of fun and games. It really is possible to re-create an authentic casino ambience at home, when you host a casino night party. The mice en scene is central to setting the scene. We’ve uncovered every imaginable tip, trick, and strategy to help you throw a casino party par excellence.
Break out the fun hats, party favors, and punch – it’s going to get wild!

It’s important to set the scene from the get-go. When you’re looking to re-create the look and feel of a casino, there are 4 areas to focus on: attire, culinary delights, setting, and available casino games. 

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Dress to Impress

Let’s begin with the dress code expected of your guests for your casino night party. The dress code is a key component of the evening. If you’re looking to go upscale, formal attire is the way to go. Three-piece tuxedos, evening gowns, and maître d’s will lend credibility, style, and decorum to the event.

Casino party night planners will do well to get the word out early via email, or snail mail, in terms of what attire is expected of guests. The men should wear black suits with bowties or ties, and the ladies should wear evening gowns. One could even request costume jewelry to include glittering gems, diamond encrusted necklaces, tiaras, and other accouterments.

Culinary Delights

Upscale casino nights require mouthwatering delicacies, entrées, and cocktails. One of the things that everybody loves about Atlantic City casinos is the delectable ensemble of food and drinks.

Strawberry daiquiris, Miami Vice drinks, vodka tonic’s, piña colada’s, apple martinis, margaritas, vodka and cranberry juice, Malibu & pineapple juice, Raging Bulls, B-52s, Johnny Walker blue label, seltzer water, Jello shots, and more are available. Many players prefer not to imbibe, so be sure to include soft drinks like Coca-Cola, Fanta, Schweppes Dry Lemon, Sprite, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, root beer and other fruity flavors for patrons.

A casino night in is best served by providing sensational appetizers such as wine and cheese, salmon, brisket, sushi rolls, ice cream desserts, and more. Finger foods are preferred to three course meals.

Guests like to nibble on tasty treats in between their games, without having to sit down and detract from their gaming sessions. Avoid greasy foods if possible and provide napkins and paper plates for your guests. If your casino night is themed in a specific way, or with certain colors, be sure to include that in the food and drink selections you provide. If alcohol is being served, be sure to invite legal age players only, and have designated drivers to shuttle guests back and forth.


If you can get the setting just right, your evening will be a runaway success. The best way to throw a casino party is to re-create the majesty that is so glaring at a land-based casino. Dim the lights, use LED strip lights to create the right mood, perhaps even multi-colored LED lights. The background music should gel with the mood that is being created. You may wish to have casino-themed artifacts at tables, on the walls, at the door, on the chandeliers etc.

If you’re looking to introduce a hip-hop or pop theme, the dress code should be tailored accordingly. More formal casino nights should be accompanied by style, pizzazz, and elegance with The Rat Pack music and melodies playing gently in the background.

The setting is so much more than the lighting and the music – it’s the overall package that you are creating. Casino night party idea should always have a Wow Effect on the visitor. If you can elicit the right response, you’re already a winner!

Games for a Casino Party Night

The types of casino games you choose really depends on the players you are inviting to your casino soirée. It’s obviously more difficult to requisition roulette tables and craps tables than it is to get a deck of cards and have blackjack dealers at the ready. Slot machine games take some time to book, and they cost a pretty penny.

The best casino games to pick are the card games like Caribbean Stud Poker, Let It Ride, Oasis Poker, 3 Card Poker, Texas Holdem Poker, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Card Stud, Blackjack, Baccarat, Pontoon, and Multihand Blackjack. Other games like Bingo and Keno are equally popular. 

There’s good news in store for party planners wanting to bring the best casino table games to the scene. Various roulette decks are available for around $50 or less, making it affordable and exciting to bring this majestic casino table game to your casino-themed party.

Roulette is available in multiple variants including French Roulette, European Roulette, and American Roulette. Be sure to fasten the roulette betting deck securely to your table and ensure that there are dealers present to dispense chips to players and spin the roulette wheel.

Nowadays, it’s entirely possible to leave all the casino night party planning to reputable casino party nights companies that take care of everything for you. These professionals are expertly skilled at transforming your corporate venue, your private residence, or your country club into an actual casino, sans the real money gambling activity. They even provide minimum space requirements and maximum player numbers that are permissible for each of the casino games they offer. 

Games include Blackjack, Texas Holdem Poker, Roulette, Craps, and Double Winged Roulette. The more guests you intend to invite, the greater your space requirements. Typically, 25 guests or less require 300 ft.² of space with at least 3 tables.

If you’re looking to host 500 people, you may need up to 4000 ft.² of space with at least 4 pit bosses and 44 to 46 tables. The services provided by casino party planning companies can run a pretty penny, so be sure to factor the costs of hosting a casino night into the equation. If you do it all yourself, you can save a ton of money in the process. 

The costs of hosting the evening depend upon multiple factors including the authenticity you’re looking to create, the number of players you are inviting, and the food and drink preparation that is required.

Legal Ramifications of Hosting a Casino Night

Here’s the deal: if you’re hosting a private casino party with no real money gambling activity taking place and no rake for the house, it’s perfectly legal to do that. However, if you’re running a casino business and generating profits, you will require full licensing and regulation.

To entice players to participate in the evening’s revelry, it’s always a good idea to award a prize to the player who completes the evening with the biggest stash of chips. You may wish to check out New Jersey State laws regarding hosting a casino night before you get started. 

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