888casino is home to a wide selection of engaging casino card games. These include Blackjack, Baccarat, and Poker variants. Certain card games require a level of mathematical proficiency, while others are based purely on chance. 

Our enlightening discussion begins with Blackjack. This casino card game is altogether unique, since players have an opportunity to fine-tune their game and whittle away the house edge to negligible proportions. A caveat is in order however: no matter how skilled you are as a Blackjack player, it is impossible to discount the effect of luck in the game. 

It takes time to learn how to play casino card games well. Remember, all these games have an element of chance in them. If you're looking to employ winning tips, tricks, and strategies during your online casino sessions, it's always a good idea to start with Blackjack. Let's take a closer look at the game and how you can play it better.

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Skill & Strategy Wins in the Long-Term – Classic Blackjack 

Classic Blackjack – Classic Blackjack uses 6 decks of cards, each comprising 52 cards and 4 suits. This multi-hand Blackjack game features side bets too. 

Classic Blackjack is presented courtesy of Section 8 Studio. The settings for this game allow you to choose different combinations of minimum and maximum bets. These include the low bet combination of $1 minimum and $500 maximum, the mid-sized betting option of $10 minimum and $1,000 maximum, and the high-roller option with $100 minimum and $3,000 maximum.

Naturally, we advise players to start at the lowest level. You can choose the color of your table - green, blue, black, or red. You have the option to toggle Turbo Mode on or off, and choose the number of hands you'd like to play from 1 up to 5. Further customization is possible with background music, and announcements in a male or female voice. It is important to pick the right settings so that you have the most enjoyable gaming session.

Betting begins with chip selection. The chip denomination that you pick is dependent upon the minimum and maximum bets that you selected earlier. Classic Blackjack offers the most player-friendly odds. Blackjack pays 3:2, and not 6:5. Once you've placed your bets, click the ‘Deal’ button and wait for everything to unfold. 

Your hand totals will be calculated automatically. Your betting decisions will follow. Since only one of the dealer's cards is visible, and the other is face down, you must determine the odds of your next card helping you. Naturally, any hand total greater than 11 runs the risk of busting on the next card. 

How to Play Casino Card Games – Classic Blackjack

blackjack arena

• Blackjack hand calculators allow you to plug in important information to determine the most appropriate option for the next play
• Use Blackjack strategy charts to determine when to hit, stand, double, split. 
• The insurance option is generally not recommended for several reasons. First of all, it's a side bet which means you have to pay more for it. Second, it's only available after the cards have been dealt and if the dealer is showing an Ace. If the dealer doesn't have Blackjack, you lose the insurance bet which is 50% of your original wager. Insurance pays 2:1 and if the dealer has Blackjack, you will break even on your hand.

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The odds of the dealer having a 10-value card are only 30%, yet you are placing a bet 50% the size of your original bet just to protect your initial investment. Over the long-term, you would incur a substantial net loss if you played the insurance bet every time the dealer is showing an Ace!

Read more about the rules of blackjack >>

The Game of Royalty, Nobility, and Aristocracy – Baccarat 

Baccarat – a high-roller’s favorite. It features bets on the Banker, Player, or a Tie. This Baccarat game uses 8 decks of cards.

Here's a game that needs no introduction to casino whales. FYI, those are the high rollers. The 888casino version of Baccarat is presented by NetEnt, a world-class gaming provider. The minimum bets begin at $0.10 and the maximum bet per play is $1,000.

With origins in Europe centuries ago, Baccarat was initially enjoyed by aristocracy and royalty before being accepted by players around the world. This online game captures the essence of Baccarat, in a professional series format.

Play begins with bet selection. You can toggle the chip denominations on the bottom right of the screen to choose your bet size. Next, place your bet on either the Player, Banker, or a Tie.

From here on, there is little that you need to do other than to click the green ‘Deal’ button. Cards will automatically be dealt to the Player and the Banker and totals will be tallied for you. The objective of Baccarat is quite simple: Form a hand total close to 8 or 9. These totals are known as naturals. 

The value of cards in Baccarat is unique, since 10-value cards assume a value of 0. Any hand total greater than 9 will automatically have the tens digit removed. So, if your opening cards are 6+7 = 13, your hand value is 3.

With Baccarat, there are specific rules to determine when the Player, and the Banker will draw additional cards. It's important to read up on the specific rules for Player and Banker hands. You can find out more by clicking on the ‘?’ on the bottom left of the game panel. 

If the Player's hand ranges between 0-5, a third card will be dealt to the player. However, if the Player hand assumes a value of 6 or 7, the Player hand will stand.

If the Banker hand ranges between 0-5 and the Player stands, the Banker will draw a third card. However, if the Player decides to draw a third card it will be evaluated against the value of the Banker hand.

This will determine whether the Banker will draw a third card. As you can tell, it can get a little tricky based on hand values when determining when third cards are drawn. Brush up on the rules to ensure that you understand this clearly.

The payout schedule on Baccarat is particularly impressive. That's one of the reasons why so many people love this game. If the Player hand wins, all bets on the Player hand will be doubled. That means the payout is 2:1. If the Banker hand wins, the original bet will be doubled, that’s also 2:1. But here's the clincher: the casino takes 5% of all Banker wins!

Tie bets are notorious payers and are not recommended. However, if you must place a Tie bet, it pays 9:1. To win a Tie bet, the value of the Player hand and the Banker hand must be equal. That’s how to play casino card games like Baccarat online. 

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Get Ready for a Royal Flush – Ultimate Texas Hold’em 

Ultimate Texas Hold’em – An instant crowd pleaser! Ultimate Texas Hold'em features generous odds on hand combinations, with fully interactive entertainment for the astute player.

Players begin by selecting their bet size. Bets begin at $0.50 and increase in the following increments: $1, $5, $10, $25, $50. Once you've placed your bet on the Ante and Blinds (minimum bet is $0.10 and the maximum bet is $100), click the ‘Play’ button.

The cards will be dealt automatically, with 2 pocket cards shown face up. Note that Ante pushes if the dealer has less than a pair. You will have options to check, X3 or X4 your bet. Your decision should be based on the strength of your opening hand.

Next, the dealer will present you with the Flop. These include the first 3 community cards. You will have an option to check or Raise X2. This will be followed by the Turn and the River. These are the fourth and fifth community cards.

A couple of things to remember about the SG Digital Ultimate Texas Hold'em game:

• Straight pays 1: 1
• Flush pays 3:2
• Full House pays 3:1
• Four of a Kind pays 10:1
• Straight Flush pays 50:1
• Royal Flush pays 500:1

• Three of a Kind pays 3:1
• Straight pays 4:1
• Flush pays 7:1
• Full House pays 8:1
• Four of a Kind pays 30:1
• Straight Flush pays 40:1
• Royal Flush pays 50:1

The maximum bet you can place on Trips is $200. While you're betting in Ultimate Texas Hold’em it is easy to get carried away with all the betting options that are available. Practice this game in demo mode until you get a good grasp of it, then switch to low stakes play in real-money mode.

Given the options to X3 or X4 your bets during the pre-flop stage, you will want to be mindful before you start raising at high stakes. It’s a good idea to read up on poker hand rankings, poker odds calculators, and poker betting behavior to ensure that you are making the right decisions on every play. There is a definite skill-based element in Texas Hold'em, but nobody knows when Lady Luck will grace you with her presence. 

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Jacks or Better – Video Poker     

Jacks or Better Video Poker – The lowest winning hand is a pair of Jacks or Better and the best hand is a Royal Flush. Minimum bets begin at $10.

Jacks or Better video poker is presented by IGT. This is another all-time classic game of skill and strategy. With Jacks or Better, your goal is to form the strongest 5-card hand. The best possible hand you can form is a Royal Flush. The poker hand rankings chart lists the following combinations of cards and the attendant payouts when max bets are wagered on Jacks or Better video poker:

• Royal Flush – 800,000
• Straight Flush – 50,000
• 4 of a Kind – 25,000
• Full House – 9000
• Flush – 6000
• Straight – 4000
• 3 of a Kind – 3000
• Two Pair – 2000
• Jacks or Better - 1000

As the game begins, your automatic bet is $10. You can increase this by clicking the ‘Bet Up’ button. Next, click ‘Deal’. The video poker computer with the built-in RNG automatically determines winners, so you don't have to worry about anything other than picking which cards to hold and which cards to fold. In Jacks or Better video poker, your goal is clear: Score a pair of Jacks or Better – that's it.  

The most valuable tip you can learn about playing Jacks or Better video poker is the following: Pay close attention to detail. Look closely at the cards that are dealt to you so that you don't confuse clubs and spades, hearts and diamonds.

Often, with so many cards being dealt, it's easy to lose track of whether you're on the initial draw, or the second and final draw. Take time between hands, and look carefully at the hand combinations that are possible.

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Three Card Poker – Fast and Furious

Three Card Poker – Rapid-play poker with multiple side bets including Pair Plus and 6 Card Bonus.

Three Card Poker is a rudimentary form of poker where players are dealt just 3 cards. You begin by placing a bet. You can select your chip size from the range of options at the bottom of the screen starting at $0.10 and increasing to $50 per chip.

The first bet you must place is the Ante. Additional bets include Pair Plus and the 6 Card Bonus. These are not mandatory bets, but you can win substantial payouts if your cards come in.

Click the ‘Deal’ button. 3 cards will be dealt face up to you, the player. 3 cards will also be dealt facedown to the dealer. You will have the option to raise the stakes, or fold your hand. Depending on who scores a higher hand in the Ante round, winnings will be paid out accordingly. The optional side bets make this game particularly interesting. It begins with the Pair Plus bet.

When the Pair Plus bet is played, all the usual betting rules remain in effect. There are additional payouts possible with the Pair Plus, including the following:

• Mini Royal - 200:1
• Straight Flush - 40:1
• Three of a Kind - 30:1
• Straight – 6:1
• Flush - 3:1
• Pair – 1:1

Once again, you will have to increase your bets if you wish to stay in the hand, or fold and lose whatever is on the table. The 6 Card Bonus is a great way to ramp up your payouts if your lucky numbers come in. The following payout combinations are in effect for the 6 Card Bonus:

• Royal Flush – 1000:1
• Straight Flush – 200:1
• Four of a Kind – 50:1
• Full House – 25:1
• Flush – 20:1
• Straight – 10:1
• Three of a Kind – 5:1

Tips: Since you are only playing with 3 cards, the same combinations of cards do not constitute a Royal Flush, A Straight Flush, etcetera. When you place the side bets, you will be using a combination of your cards and the dealer's cards to form winning hands.

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Whatever game you choose to play, remember this: The trick when learning how to play casino card games is never to discount the impact of luck. No amount of skill or strategy can eliminate the effects of a bad beat (variance), or an unlucky play. However, if you play to the best of your abilities you will limit negative outcomes to a minimum.

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