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Verifying your location - Plugins and Wi-Fi

What is the Geocomply plugin and why do I need to install it?
The Geocomply plugin is a plugin that allows us to accurately verify your location. The State of New Jersey requires that only players located within state lines can play for real money. Users only need to install the plugin once (per computer) in order to play for real money.

The plugin detects:

  • Your IP location
  • Wi-Fi network location
  • That you’re not running any remote desktop software

Who needs to download the plugin?
All casino players need to download the plugin only once (per computer) before they start playing real money casino games.

How do I install the plugin?
To install the plugin simply follow the onscreen instructions when prompted. The whole process should only take a few moments.

I’ve downloaded the plugin but I still can’t play for real money
Please check that your Wi-Fi is turned on. While you do not need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to verify your location, your Wi-Fi capability needs to be turned on. We cannot verify your location if your Wi-Fi is turned off. If you do not have Wi-FI included in your computer’s hardware, you can use a USB Wi-Fi adapter to identify your location.

Don’t have one? We will send you a USB Wi-Fi adaptor for free!

How do I turn on Wi-Fi on my computer?

If you are using Windows:

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Go to "Network and Internet Options" (sometimes called "Network Connections")
  • Click "View network status and tasks" or if you are using a Wi-Fi adapter, click on the icon of adapter
  • Click "Connect or disconnect" or click "Enable"

Here are some video tutorials showing how to enable your Wi-Fi:

If you are on a Mac:

  • If you are on a Mac, our systems will automatically turn on your Wi-Fi and this will not need to be done manually

If I'm physically located within New Jersey but my laptop or desktop IP address places me in another state, what can I do so that I'll be accurately located within the state?
The IP address assigned by your Internet Service Provider may be associated with a neighboring state instead of New Jersey, which will cause you to fail geolocation. If you have a static IP address (this may be a premium service you pay for) you cannot update your IP address on your own - please contact your Internet Service Provider to request this change. Most users will have a dynamic IP address that will automatically change periodically, however you can also try unplugging your internet router for 5-10 seconds to reset the IP address.

What if I use an Internet Service Provider such as AOL and can't be accurately located?
Some Internet Service Providers such as AOL may reroute your internet connection to another location, and causing your IP address to originate from somewhere outside New Jersey. Please contact your Internet Service Provider to seek assistance on correcting the location associated with your IP address. You may also want to try accessing the internet from another location/connection source.

If I'm using a public Wi-Fi hotspot to access the internet, can I still be accurately located?
Yes, you can. However, please be aware that from time to time, when using an internet connection provided by some larger businesses, their internet connection source may be associated with a location outside of New Jersey. To resolve this issue, you may need to try accessing the internet from another location/connection source.